Heavy Duty Gear Reducer

- Heavy duty gear reducer

- Size : CD 100 ~ 800mm

- Reduction ratio : 1/1 ~ 1/500

- Power Transmission : 1 ~ 5000KW


Heavy Duty Reduction Gearbox

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Layout of Input and Output Shafts


SY1H Parallel Shaft Gearbox 1-staged


SY1B Right Angle Shaft Gearbox 1-staged


SY2H Parallel Shaft Gearbox 2-staged


SY2B Right Angle Shaft Gearbox 2-staged


SY3H Parallel Shaft Gearbox 3-staged


SY3B Right Angle Shaft Gearbox 3-staged


SY4H Parallel Shaft Gearbox 4-staged


SY4B Right Angle Shaft Gearbox 4-staged



Heavy Duty Reduction Gearbox

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