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Precision Heavy Duty Steel Product Toll Processing







Heavy Duty Steel Product Toll Processing

- Specialized in Precision Fabrication & Machining of Heavy Duty Steel

- Manufacturing of Semi-finished or Fully-finished Thick Steel Products


Steel Material Sourcing & Procurement

Cutting - Plasma Cutting, Propane Oxygen Cutting


Qualified & Experienced Welding

Machining - Turning, Drilling, CNC Boring, Reaming, Milling

Heat Treatment

Nondestructive Inspection (NDI)


Thick Steel Plate Fabrication

Heavy Duty Steel Case, Container & Tank

Machine Body & Bed

Equipment Frame

Long Reach Steel Boom

Structural Steel Beam

Heavy Duty Hopper

Heavy duty Crusher, Cutter & Shear Blade

Many other Requirements for Heavy Duty Steel Products and Parts


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