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JAWS Handsaws with Excellent Cutting Action


Folding Saws, Curved Saws and Pruning Saws for Horticultural, Agricultural, Gardening and Forestry


JAWS Saw, which is the name of the best hand saw in the world. Through the continuous technology innovation and the strict quality control system, we achieved the highest quality of saw product in the world. And the computerized diamond wheel grinding machine make the saw blade remarkably sharper than any other conventional saw blades. Moreover, saw baldes guarantee very strong cutting action by the long impact test. The handle is designed based on human technology. The non-slip soft rubber grip and the scientific shape of handle maximizes cutting performance with minimum efforts. Thanks to the impact and heat treating of impulse heat treating machine, it ensures 3-5 times of hardness and durability comparded to the existing saw blade, so it can cut even strong and dry wood easily.

Non-Slip Grip for Excellent Cutting Action

Most of JAWS Saws have rubber compound elastomer handles. The rubber is either inserted or vulcanized to ABS plastic or steel. Non-slip rubber handles are comfortable to hold saws tightly and reduce vibration during cutting, so offer superior grasping when hands are wet or even when wearing gloves.

Super-Hard Teeth with the Flexibility of Blade Body

Using a special impulse technology for teeth hardening, teeth are heat-treated instantly and hardened. Because of this partial heating process, which is key technology for a good saw blade, only the teeth of the blade are heat-treated and hardened. the material characteristics of remaining blade body is unchanged and so saws still retain their normal flexibility as well. Therefore, the hardened teeth are harder than even grinding files and they stay in three times sharper than non-hardened teeth.

Taper-Ground Teeth for Faster Cutting

Blades are made from SK-5 high carbon steel and taper ground. That is, thicker at tooth edge and thinner at the root. This technology make faster cutting performance possible.

Chrome Coated Blade for Rust Prevention and Long Durability

Hard chrome plated surface finishes of the blade extend the life span of an exceedingly hard and durable surface. The blades are resistant to the rust and have the effect of tree resin. They are finely mirror-polished and so dirts can be wiped off easily.

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