Wire Stranding Machine


250x30B (Cage Type)

LIOB 8x(1B+6b) In-Out Bunching Machine

LTS 8x6B

Take-up Machine


Wire Stranding Machine is for manufacturing High Carbon & Low Carbon steel wire rope, Copper & Aluminum cable, Tire cord, Belt cord, PC (Prestressed concrete) wire and so on.



  • Supporting stands with encircling antifriction bearings or on heavy fully-sized under-rollers.
  • Centralized lubricating system for bearing.
  • Pneumatic & hydraulic disk brake.
  • Cradle bobbin set with shaft or non-shaft type.
  • Wire tensile strength controlled by slip brake or electronic brake.
  • Strand pitch with closed type gear box or changing gear type.
  • Tension of Take-up by multiple disk slip clutch type or torque motor type.
  • Automatic start with independent start, continuous start.
  • Automatic stop caused by open guards, open pintles, wire breakage, run-outs, etc
  • Automatic stop in case No-lubricating, over-electric flow.

Optional equipment

  • Guards available as protection or noise reducing design.
  • Indicator-sensor for overheating of bearings and parts.
  • Auto stop equipment for indicating RPM, the output of production, troubleshooting points, danger warning, etc.

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