Wire Take-up Machine


Skin Pass Take-up Machine

Precision Layer Winding Machine



Pail Packing Machine




Vertical Type


Wire Take-up Machines


Skin Pass Take-up Machine

  • Rewinding of plated or heat-treated products
  • Surface working through 1 die with low reduction rate


Precision Layer Winding Machine

  • Automatic laying and winding products
  • Wire diameter: Ø0.8~1.6
  • Winding Speed: Max 1,800m/min



  • Static and rotating coilers for the collection of the wire coming from wire drawing machines or rewinding lines, on stems with capacity up to 2000kg
  • Optional drawing pass, pattern laying and compacting devices
  • -Automatic coilers for wire packing lines, with cutting and binding devices, producing coils from 5 to 100kg


Pail Packing Machine

  • This is to fill a large amount of completed goods in pack
  • Pattern lay and Compacting system
  • Pack Capacity: 100~250
  • Winding speed up to 1500m/min



  • Horizontal and vertical spoolers for the collection of the wire coming from wire drawing machines or rewinding lines, on DIN spools, or special design spools, with flange diameter from 100 to1500mm(4~60) and capacity from 4 to 5000kg
  • Fully automatic spoolers for steel-cord production
  • Power from 3 to 100kW
  • Winding speed up to 1800m/min

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