Used Wire Drawing Machine on Sale

- Machine Model: SUP + HSD3005 + MC30
- Original Manufacturer: Haedong, Korea
- Year of Manufacturing: 2004
- Inlet Wire Diameter: 8mm
- Outlet Wire Diameter: 4mm
- Wire Drawing Speed: Max 500 m/min
- Machine Contents: Supply + Bending + Brush + 30 x 5H Drawing Line + 30" M type Coiler
- Electricity: 200V, 50Hz
- Drawing Motor: 84KW (Magnet, Italy)
- Coiler Motor: 84KW (Magnet, Italy)
- Inverter Brand: EEI, Italy
- Location of Machine: Japan
- Sales Conditions: Machine Relocation (Removal, Moving, installation and Commissioning) should be carried out by the buyer.

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