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HYUNDAI HiMAP Intelligent Measuring & Protection Device


HiMAP is a multifunctional digital protection relay that has a protection function to protect incoming and feeder lines, the motor and the transformer.

It also has various kinds of measuring functions to check synchronization and a communication function for the Power Management System (HIPMS) to supervise operating conditions.





Rating Current 1A or 5A, Burden: Below 0.1VA/Phase
Voltage 110V or 190V, Burden: Below 0.3VA/Phase
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Accuracy Measuring ±0.2%
Protection Relaying ±2%
Temperature Operation Guarantee -10℃ - 55℃
Restoration Guarantee -25℃ - 70℃
Insulation Resistance Circuits-Ground 10 MΩ
Between Circuits 5 MΩ
Between Contacts 5 MΩ
Voltage Withstand Power Frequency AC 60Hz 2000V/1 Min
Lightning Impulse 1.2/50㎲ 5 kV
Overload Withstand Current Circuit Rating Current×3: 3 hours / Rating Current × 20: 2sec
Voltage Circuit Rating Voltage × 3: 3 hours
Control Power Rating Voltage × 1.3: 3 hours
Control Power Interruption Maximum 300 ms
Control Power AC/DC 95V - 250V 50/60Hz, DC 48V
Standards IEC 60255 / KEMC 1120 / IEC 61000-4
Communication Type RS-485 Multi Drop
Protocol HD-BUS / DNP 3.0 / MODBUS
Size 202.5(W) × 156(H) × 251(D)
Weight 4.3kg

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