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   Multi Input Digital Signal Converters

SCONI-2000 ( SCN-200 )   Multi Input T/C, RTD, mV, Volt & mA; Dual Output

SCONI-2100 ( SCN-210 )   Input mA, 2-wire & SQT; Dual Output

SCONI-2200 ( SCN-220 )   Input Volt, T/C, mA & LTC; Dual Output

SCONI-2300 ( SCN-230 )   Input RTD & PMC; Dual Output

SCONI-2400 ( SCN-240 )   Input Voltage Pulse, Dry Contact & Open Collector

SCONI-2600 ( SCN-260 )   Multi Input & Alarm Setter


SCN-8100   Slim, Input mA & Dual Output

SCN-8200   Slim, Input Volt & Dual Output

SCN-8300   Slim, Input RTD & Dual Output

SCN-8400   Slim, Multi Input T/C, Volt, mA & RTD; Dual Output

   Analog Signal Converters

SCONI-ACC ( SCN-ACC )   AC Current Input & Dual Signal Output

SCONI-AVC ( SCN-AVC )   AC Voltage Input & Dual Signal Output

SCONI-DSC ( SCN-DSC )   DC Signal Converter

SCONI-DSC-A ( SCN-DSC-A )   2-wire DC Signal Converter

SCONI-FDC ( SCN-FDC )   Pulse Signal Input & Dual Signal Output

SCONI-FFC ( SCN-FFC )   Pulse to Pulse Signal Converter

SCONI-IPD ( SCN-IPD )   Isolation Power Distributor

SCONI-LCT ( SCN-LCT )   Load Cell Signal Converter

SCONI-LPC ( SCN-LPC )   Low Pulse Signal Input & Dual Signal Output

SCONI-PMC ( SCN-PMC )   Potentiometer Signal Converter

SCONI-PMC-A ( SCN-PMC-A )   2-wire Potentiometer Signal Converter

SCONI-RTD ( SCN-RTD )   RTD Signal Converter

SCONI-RTD-A ( SCN-RTD-A )   2-wire RTD Signal Converter

SCONI-T/C ( SCN-T/C )   Thermocouple Signal Converter

   Slim Signal Converters

SCN-NSL-DSC   New Slim DC Signal Converter

SCN-NSL-PMC   New Slim Potentiometer Converter

SCN-NSL-RTD   New Slim RTD Converter

SCN-NSL-T/C   New Slim Thermocouple Converter


SI-200P   Slim Potentiometer Converter

SI-200R   Slim RTD Converter

SI-200S   Slim DC Signal Converter

SI-200T   Slim Thermocouple Converter


SCN-SL-DSC ( SCONI-SL-DSC )   Slim DC Signal Converter

SCN-SL-IPD (SCONI-SL-IPD )  Slim Isolation Power Distributor

SCN-SL-PMC (SCONI-SL-PMC )   Slim Potentiometer Converter

SCN-SL-RTD ( SCONI-SL-RTD )   Slim RTD Converter


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Signal Indicators


SCONI-1000 ( SCN-100 )   Multi Signal Indicator & Alarm

SCONI-1000L ( SCN-100L )   Multi Signal Indicator & Alarm, Large Display

SCONI-1000N ( SCN-100N )   Multi Signal Indicator & Alarm, 5-digit

SCONI-1100 ( SCN-110 )   Multi Input Signal Indicator

SCONI-1200 ( SCN-120 )   Semi Multi Signal Indicator & Alarm

SCONI-1300 ( SCN-130 )   Semi Multi Signal Indicator & Analog Output


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Surge Protectors

RS232 Surge Arrester


AC Power Surge Arrester


AC Power Lightning / Surge Protector


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